Dansko Women's Prima 200 Clog

Size too small, February 16, 2014
Wear danskos all of the time. These are not true to size,order one size up? I sold them to a friend

clinic setting, January 29, 2014
I have worn the regular Dansko clogs for years as a floor nurse, but wanted something that looked more professional for clinic work (NP student, desperately trying to impress preceptors and professors).

Style: Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. With black dress pants that cover the top of the shoe, they look like patent leather pumps. You would never know they are in fact comfy clogs w/ a heel. The toe is pointed, instead of the regular clog with the rounded toe, which also gives it a dressier look.

Fit: I wear a 37 in the regular clogs, but had to return these for the smaller size b/c my heel kept slipping out. Probably b/c of the higher heel. However, b/c these have the more pointed toe, you might find it pinches. For me, a smaller size was better. Just be prepared to possibly return for a different size. Thanks, Amazon Prime, for making that part easy and fast! And just as you'd expect from Dansko, they are wonderfully comfortable. Can wear them for hours on my feet without a problem.

These are wonderful for a healthcare worker who might quickly go from a clinic setting in professional attire to the OR suite in scrubs.

way too big, November 5, 2013
seemed comfortable if it fit. returned it and maybe will try again. I was looking for a very comfy shoe

Heel slips, October 25, 2013
These shoes are very cute and about as stylish as can be hoped for for a clog. But my heel slips out! I will try a different size.

Yes, Please, August 28, 2013
I have been a barista for 5 years with sprinklings of waitressing stints for several years more and spend immense periods of time on my feet, both moving quickly and standing still. Both can be miserable if your shoes are poor fitting. I became a Dansko believer after my chronic knee pain, quadriceps tendinitis, and back pain were (basically) cured after 2 days of wearing Dansko's Chukka style shoe that has the stapled clog structure but laces on the top of the foot. I have very high arches but smaller insteps so the traditional stapled clog has posed problems for me when I tried them in the past-they really did engulf my foot, and the narrows were very narrow and obviously for people with notably problematic tiny feet not just barely narrow feet like mine. That said, when I saw this newer style I noted that the sleeker more feminine profile also provided a slightly less boxy shape around the instep. They fit perfectly! Loose in the heel, fitted loosely but presently on the instep, and they feel the same as any other Dansko clog in the toe box. The patent has a sleek profile for my upscale coffee shop and I feel more girly with the emphasized heel. Besides the style, and the more appropriate fit for my high arch but low instep, this is the same ole' Dansko stapled clog you all know and love. It just looks better with skirts. And pants. And...