Just Like the Picture, July 3, 2013
I recently purchased a pair of Mules from Peltz shoes on this website and had to send them back when they were not like the description. The shoes, by the way, were expensive to ship back.
Then, I ordered these and had them shipped amazon prime, and they look just like the website pictures.
I needed these for work.
At first, they seemed like really nice shoes, but I found out after wearing them a few times that the material on the top of the shoe curls down underneath the top of the shoe and feels very uncomfortable. Its kind of hard to explain without showing, so I'll try to post a picture of it later.

Pretty Good Deal, April 26, 2012
I was happy with the purchase of these shoes. They arrived in a timely fashion and in excellent condition. The only drawback is I wish I would have bought a narrow width. These seem to be a little wide for my feet with the Medium width, but not so wide I cannot wear them.

sent them back, October 29, 2013
not quite what I hoped for - very wide (and I have wide feet) makes the toe look to round.... will keep looking

Shoes defective, November 29, 2013
This is my first shoe purchase on line and may be my last. I was looking for these shoes locally & online for a long time. I decided to bite the bullet by ordering online. I prefer to try shoes on and not have the hassle of mailing shoes back if they're not right. Well, I rec'd them and both shoes bowed out at the sides--the left shoe more than the right shoe. So now I have to return the shoes...pain in the butt, or keep them and and figure I could try putting rubber bands around them and see if that helps--wrong brain storming idea!! I decided to keep them & wear them--my fault!! A friend of mine thought I should return/exchange them since I rec'd them defective. I emailed Shoe Station w/picture of shoes and explained the above. They wouldn't exchange them saying they got that way after I wore them--even if if they did, wouldn't there be something wrong with the shoes for that to happen?? I emailed back & explained that I rec'd the shoes bowed out--again, my fault for not explaining this in my 1st email. Their decision was they don't exchange shoes that have been worn. I figured all this was my fault since I didn't return them before wearing. I find it hard to believe that I'm the only person with this issue. I won't ever order anything from Shoe Station because their customer service stinks.

Uncomfortable, October 21, 2013
The stitching inside the shoe is very rough. It is uncomfortable, to say the least, after it is worn for a short time. It is really an unwearable shoe.

Nice!, October 8, 2013
Good shoes for the price. Color and heel was perfect for me. A bit shiny but great for my brown and biege pants.

veray satisfied purdhase, August 3, 2013
The shoes fit ,very well and are most comfortable. I could not be more pleased and would certainly purchase more products as needed. I will pass this along to some friends.

Look cheap, April 30, 2013
Not comfortable, too shiny in the front, the elastic was of such poor quality that it became very loose after 2 times I used the shoes.

Classic and comfortable!, April 5, 2013
The style, color and texture, of the shoe is classic. The shoes are very comfortable and a perfect fit for my narrow feet/heels. I wish they came in multiple colors!!! I have been looking for navy blue mules for over a year and could not find a shoe that was both dressy and aesthetic, let alone comfortable!

I love it, February 13, 2013
i have a hard time find comfortable shoes
this time i made a score they fit perfect and are very stylish
they are true to size