Ryka Women's Assist XT2 Running Shoe

Ryka Women's Assist XT2 Running Shoe

Product Description

Every little bit helps when you're sweating away at the gym, and with the Ryka Assist XT 2 on your feet, you'll get through those grueling workouts with stamina to burn. This women's training shoe features a synthetic leather upper with air mesh for comfort. S.G.S (Skeletal Guidance Shank) is uniquely engineered to keep the shoe lightweight yet provide mid-foot support during heel-to-toe transition, acting as a center frame stabilizer. This Ryka toning sneaker also has a dual-piece, rubber outsole with balanced flex grooves that provide superior traction and flexbility. Perseverence will be a way of life with the Ryka Assist XT 2!


This lightweight runner from Ryka gives you a comfortable running and cross training shoe that's incredibly versatile. The Assist XT2 features a mesh upper for excellent ventilation, a sturdy lace-up front for custom fitting, and thickly padded linings that will hug every curve of your foot.

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Worth the money, March 30, 2011
This my second pair of Ryka and I love these shoes. They are just made for women. If you have any problems with over pronation while working out or jogging...try these shoes!!

Not wide enough for bunions!, March 5, 2011
I purchased these shoes because I was looking for a quality cross-trainer with a mesh toe that would hold up. I am a heavy person and need really good shoes. I had the following issues with the shoes:

-too narrow around the front of my foot: I have bunions and the position of the leather in the front put too much pressure in that area
-heal seemed to slip out of the back
-not wide enough! I don't specifically have "wide" feet because quite often "W" shoes are too wide and my foot slides around, but I did feel that these were too snug.

What I did like about the shoes:
-seemed to have good cushioning and support (although that supposed orthotic insole still sucks)
-was true to length (in other words, I'm an 8 and the 8 was perfect in the length.)
-the mesh toe is nice, doesn't leave your toes feeling "squished"
-they were attractive shoes unlike the more goddy running shoes that are flashy and annoying.

My favorite group fitness shoe!, April 28, 2013
I love this shoe. Me feet runs a little wide bc of a small bunion and it fits perfectly! I've been doing group fitness, dance, hip hop, zumba, step, aerobic type workouts for 7 years and this is my third pair of Assist XT2. I'm going to cry if they discontinue this shoe! I run a 8 to 8.5 in shoe size, but the 8 always fits me perfectly.

Versatile, April 13, 2012
These are the best workout sneakers I have ever owned! I love them! I can go from kickboxing straight to running and my feet never hurt!

Favorite running shoe, August 25, 2012
These are my favorite running shoes. I find them true to size and very comfortable. I bought the Brooks ghost and a pair of saucony's and these 2 other shoes hurt my knees. These Rykas don't seem to bother me at all. I run about 4 miles a day in these, 7 days a week. I tend to be an under pronator with my running and find these great.

A little small to size and not enough arch support, April 9, 2012
I'm a pretty active runner/crosstrainer (multiple half marathons) so I was pretty excited about these since they are designed specifically for women. This morning, after running only 2 miles in these my ankle and knee are already killing me. They seemed comfortable in the store; however, while running I noticed that there is not sufficient arch support/impact absorption. (I have a medium/high arch and these seem made for the more flat-footed.) Tonight, I am definitely feeling the pain. They also seemed a little "short" in the toe with my second (the one next to the big toe) feeling smushed against the front. I am a 7.5 normally. That's what I got in these shoes, and have never had any of these problems in any other 7.5 running shoes.

Overall, they are an OK shoe. They are attractive, but not very practical if you plan to do any sort of running or high impact exercise. I will probably keep them for weight training and perhaps interval, but I'll have to see how they deal with those exercises. I'm sure they would probably be fine for zumba or some other low impact training; however, I will not be purchasing again.

Too Small in the Toe Box, May 16, 2011
Due to a metatarsal problem I need a shoe with a large toe box. I tried Ryka's because they are advertised as being larger in the toe box and I bought this specific version because it mentioned extra metatarsal padding. I was barely able to wear them for more than a couple hours at my office (so not even to workout) and my feet were in pain. I loved the look of the shoe and the lightness in feel. I would guess that as long as you don't have on-going metatarsal problems these would be fine shoes for you.

Great workout shoe, perfect fit, support, & good-looking., August 18, 2014
Excellent fit, good support, attractive style & color. AND good support for my running and walking activities. This is probably my 5th purchase of a Ryka running shoe. I continue to buy Ryka because of the perfect fit everytime. I'm disappointed that the older styles I like are gone, but this one fit the bill perfectly. They look great on, too!

Comfortable!, May 10, 2013
The Ryka shoe is the best and most comfortable fit for me, because I need a little extra toe room. I don't run in them often, but they are great for everyday casual.

Super comfy, December 11, 2012
Felt like I was walking on pillows and they are so cute. The price was awesome. I've recommended to others.